Watch Jaco wishing a happy independence day to Lebanon

Jeanne d’Arc Zarazir, better known as Jaco, started her career a few years ago as a comedian and actress and made thousands of 


 laugh with her unique sense of humor. She took part in commercials, awareness campaigns, and a was part of a prank show called “

3ish Ktir

” on Al Jadeed. The show became a success right away. Lebanon was shocked when our beloved Jaco

passed away

at the age of 85. However, her legacy continues. In this video, Jaco wishes Lebanon a happy independence day with humor! She started the video by saying that it was her idea to put the Cedar Tree on the flag. Typical Jaco! Jaco is looking at pictures pictures of her and the Lebanese Presidents. In the end, she wishes Lebanon a happy independence day. She never failed to make us laugh! We miss her so much!