Watch the Lebanese Army’s Independence Day video!

Today, the Lebanese people are observing the 74th independence day of Lebanon. On this day, we must thank the Lebanese Army for protecting our land, our honor, and our sovereignty. The Lebanese Army shared a video in celebration of Lebanon’s Independence Day. It highlights the Army’s achievements in liberating the northern part of Arsal from Al Nusra Front. A few months ago, the army launched an operation called “Fajr Al Jurud” which aimed at gaining complete control in this area once and for all. Another aim was to free the Lebanese soldiers who got kidnapped by ISIS in 2014. Eventually, the Lebanese Army has found eight dead bodies in Wadi Al Debb which belonged to the

missing soldiers

. Lebanon

won the fight

 and gained complete control over the Lebanese land. However, the Lebanese 


 have lost soldiers who truly represented the pillars of the Lebanese Armed Forces which are: honor, sacrifice, and loyalty. May their souls rest in peace. We can never thank the Lebanese Army enough!

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