Watch Protesters Storm Beirut’s Justice Palace

While a group of lawyers stood in front of Beirut Justice Palace this Monday in support of the Revolution, a number of protesters stormed in, chanting the Thawra slogan. One of the protesters then stated that they have seven demands on behalf of the revolution, demands that the protesters in the streets will carry in the coming days.


The demands included the independence of the judiciary so no judge will be appointed to work under political influence, and the opening of various dossiers of corruption cases, including the tax evasion, especially the customs, the health funds, the sewage stations, the petroleum, and the electricity.

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The Internal Security Forces in the Justice Palace asked the protesters to remove the posters they hung on the walls, and that stated demands for a fair, impartial and independent judiciary. Attempts to stop the protesters failed due to the presence of lawyers affirming that the Justice Palace is a public place hence citizens are entitled to use it to speak up.


The protesters confirmed that they decided through this step to make their voices heard by the impartial judges, insisting on the need to have the hand of politics removed from the judiciary.

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