Watch These Awesome Spanish Police Singing for People Under Lockdown (VIDEO)

Spain is being badly hit by the coronavirus (COVD-19), registering now a high number of fatalities. Its outbreak is now the second-worst in Europe after Italy, with 28,603 cases and 1,756 fatalities.

Among these fatalities, 394 had died in just the past 24 hours, according to Spain’s health ministry.

Spain’s nearly 46 million people have been under lockdown. They are only allowed to leave their houses for essential work, food shopping, medical reasons, or to walk the dog. The situation does take a toll on the people in quarantine.

Empty Streets of Madrid vIa CNN

In Mallorca, the local police decided to do something about it and bring some positive cheerful vibes to the residents. They roamed the empty alleys, halting to sing and dance for them.

A video of one of these scenes went viral. The footage shows two police cars arriving in a small neighborhood with their sirens on, which prompted the residents to go to their windows and clap for them.

They certainly didn’t expect what came next. The police cars stopped, and the officers stepped out. One of them, his guitar in hand, shouted cheerfully, “We’ve come to sing!”

And so they did. At the musical beat of the popular Catalan children’s song named En Joan petit quan balla, they sang, danced, and clapped, inciting the residents to sing and clap along from their windows.

The song functions in a similar way to the playful English song “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” and is quite cheerful:

A moment of glee during this harsh time could go a long way for the people. Spain has been in a state of health emergency and the authorities are planning to extend it for another 15 days.

They are also doubling their efforts, calling up 52,000 extra workers to help the country’s health service, including 14,000 retired doctors and nurses. They also announced the purchase of 640,000 reliable ratified fast tests.

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez asserted that 1.3 million masks will be handed to health personnel and patients within the next few hours (following his announcement).

Bilbao via AP

“We have to get ready from a physiological and emotional standpoint. We have to get to the end of next week strong, very strong. The risk is everywhere,” he added.

The country’s military is building a giant makeshift hospital at a conference center in the Spanish capital and will disinfect nursing homes in Madrid, which have seen large numbers of deaths, PM Sanchez revealed.

Out of the 17 Spanish regions, Madrid has been the most affected, with nearly 60% of the nation’s deaths.

In another heartwarming scene today, the Spanish police along with the people of Sabadell in Barcelona stood outside Parc Hospital, all sirens on, to give tribute to the health workers for their dedication, and “for giving it all.”

The World Health Organization has released a set of symptoms that you should watch out for. If you or anyone you know has these symptoms please contact the following health resources.

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