Heavy Rains Are Raising Water Level Of Rivers & Lakes In Lebanon


After Lebanon experienced its warmest December in over 140 years, winter is finally ‘winter-ing’ in Lebanon. Snow has finally fallen on our favorite mountains and heavy rain showers have filled rivers and lakes.

However, on Sunday, violent torrential rains prompted a noticeable rise in the level of water in rivers, namely the Assi and Litani Rivers.

The Litani River (NNA)

The abundance and force of the water flow of the Litani River caused the water level of Lake Qaraoun Lake to rise significantly. Weather experts believe the water level will continue to rise in the coming days, according to the state-run NNA.

The rains have also contributed to the eruption of underground springs in some parts of the country, causing damages to trees and tents, and some areas to flood.

A family of five children and their father got caught in a flood while trying to cross the Asfour River in North Lebanon. The children were rescued but their father is still missing.

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