Water Shortage Drives Protests In Front Of Beirut Water Establishment

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A sit-in was organized in front of the Beirut Water Establishment in Talet el Khayat as a result of the water shortage the residents of Beirut have been enduring.

The high prices of water barrels and the shortage of clean water had driven a number of mayors and figures, and the Beirut Associations Forum to organize a protest on June 30th to voice their frustrations about the growing water crisis.

Speakers in the protest revealed that some skin and intestinal diseases have begun spreading due to the shortage of clean water.

Ultimately, the protests called for a serious investigation into the water crisis while stressing the responsibilities of government officials toward the citizens.

According to Al-Akhbar, following the sit-in, a group of mayors and representatives from Beirut met with engineer Ziad Saab in the water company to discuss the roots of the problem and possible solutions.

The shortage of water, according to the source, is the result of multiple maintenance issues, including the failure of the generator in the Water Company and the explosion of the water pipe drawing water from Dbayeh to Beirut.

The water drawn from Mushrif and Damour was supposed to compensate for the shortage of water from Dbayeh; however, the power outage in Damour and the lack of diesel fuel led to the ultimate disruption of water availability in Beirut.

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