Water Shortage In Homes On The Rise In Lebanon


Adding to the debilitating fuel shortage, people living in Lebanon are now also subject to a water shortage in their homes.

The practicalities of everyday life have become a major everyday obstacle for most people. The fuel crisis is causing, among other things, what is referred to as the “queues of humiliation” as well as bizarre traffic congestion.

The fuel crisis is partly causing other crises. Food poisoning is now a widespread phenomenon in the country, partly due to constant power outages caused by the shortage of fuel.

Also, the fuel shortage is partly causing a water shortage in households due to the inability of providing water tanks under the current circumstances.

One local in the Matn District cites the cost of delivery and the inability to deliver water tanks due to a severe lack of fuel as primary reasons behind the water shortage in her building.

In addition to rationing electricity and gasoline, many in Lebanon are now voluntarily rationing their consumption of water to avoid a complete loss of access to it in their homes.

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Water Shortage In Homes On The Rise In Lebanon

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