10+ Nature-Immersed Waterfront Restaurants In Lebanon To Enjoy With Your Friends

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There is nothing more invigorating and even soothing than enjoying a meal at a waterfront restaurant in nature, whether by a lake or a river, and even a waterfall.

No brainy here. The sight and sound of water, along with the fresh air, play a most pleasant role in making the dining or lunching experience amazing.

And when the food is delicious, you are up to a memorable time with your family and friends.

In Lebanon, we don’t lack these eatery spots as we don’t lack bodies of water that are natural wonders. More so, if you are looking for a romantic time with your special one, these spots will do it for you.

P.S. Who really needs a flickering candle on the table anyway when you have the sight and sound of water creating the mood for you? Mother nature does it better.

As for menu options, most of these restaurants serve traditional Lebanese cuisine, from Mezza and Kebbeh tartar to grill, but some here have gone more international with their menus and fancier with their settings.

#1 Al Tahouneh

A breathtaking waterfront eatery on the Baakline River in the heart of Chouf’s nature, Al Tahouneh serves authentic Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine.

#2 Shallalat Al Zarka

Another great restaurant by the waterfall in Baakline, Shallalat Al Zarka should be one of your options for a memorable refreshing meal. It serves authentic traditional Lebanese cuisine.

#3 Jannat Al Cha3ra

This family-owned restaurant is a hidden gem in Kfardebian, Kesserwan. It boasts a nice atmosphere, an enthralling lake view, and a play area for kids, in addition to its excellent Lebanese cuisine.

#4 Bnachii Lake Restaurant

Bnachii is one of the most beautiful lakes in Lebanon and is worth a road trip to the North. The restaurant on the lake offers a stunning view, along with deliciously fresh Lebanese cuisine.

#5 Al Berdawni, Zahle

Probably more famous than to speak about, Al-Berdawni in Zahle boasts several restaurants on both sides of the river, such as Casino Kraytem, Mazaj Zahle, Casino Mhanna, Casino Nmeir, Casino Arabi, and more. It is a must to visit at least once in your lifetime.

While there, you might want to take a pleasant stroll of discovery in that touristic area and enjoy the super delicious Lebanese natural ice cream at “Bouzat Al Berdawni.”

#6 Amaleen Restaurant

Located at Cascada Mall in Taanayel, Amaleen Restaurant serves a menu of different cuisines, from Lebanese to Asian and international, including a large Sushi Bar. That’s in addition to a refined indoor dining area.

#7 Head Shot Club

Located near Saydet Al Qarn Church, this sports venue has also a large restaurant where you can enjoy Lebanese and Mediterranean food while admiring the stunning view of the iconic lakes of Akoura and the mountains.

#8 Chalet du Lac

Offering a well-praised traditional cuisine and a stunning view of Lake Qaraoun, Chalet du Lac is a large restaurant perched on a cliffside by Deir Ain El Jaouzeh in the Bekaa Valley.

#9 Wadi Chamsine

Also located in the enchanting Bekaa Valley, next to Taanayel, Wadi Chamsine in Bar Elias serves Lebanese cuisine and has a most charming eatery venue basked in greenery and flowers.

As its name indicates, it is set by the Chamsine River and has a great view of the mountains. It also offers water activities in the river, such as pedal boats and kayak trips. 

#10 Restaurant Afqa

Located in Byblos, about 1 km from the Afqa Cave, this laid-back restaurant at the Afqa river and by the waterfall serves traditional Lebanese food.

#11 Shallalat Nabeh Merched

As its name indicates, Shallalat Nabeh Merched is right on the Merched river and by the water cascades. It’s tucked in the heart of nature in Al Moukhtara, Chouf, in a breathtaking setting where you can enjoy exquisite Lebanese cuisine and Mezza.

Ouyoun Orghosh is a beautiful area surrounded by rough mountain hills, 25 km from The Cedars, Bcharri, in the north, on the eastern side of Qornet El-Sawda. It boasts several tented eateries by the lake. Here are some of them:

#12 Al Ouyoun Restaurant

For a country-side restaurant with a casual environment, this restaurant in Ouyoun Orghosh serves Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine, including seafood, such as fresh local Salmon. It does offer a cheerful ambiance with, often, live entertainment during Sunday lunch.

#13 Al Samke Restaurant

Also in Ouyoun Orghosh by the lake, Al Samke (The Fish) serves Lebanese food and fresh seafood, and of course Shisha. A great place as well for group outings and family Sunday gatherings.

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