7 Ways Lebanese Women Are Making Their Voices Heard More Than Ever

Lebanese Women

Lebanese women are shattering barriers, elevating themselves, and ensuring their voices resonate.

We all know the battle women face in having their voices heard, particularly in domains of power or within the workplace. This struggle is amplified in countries like Lebanon, where a combination of financial, economic, and social crises has compounded since 2019.

However, it’s no surprise that Lebanese women are continually adapting, seeking solutions to rise above the ordinary. After all, aren’t we recognized as trailblazers? We shatter barriers, elevate ourselves, and ensure our voices resonate.

International Women’s Day, serves as a reminder that women worldwide, especially in Lebanon, are putting extra effort to rise despite the hurdles posed by laws, violence, and more. Let’s acknowledge these strides and offer them a well-deserved salute today, for celebrating each success, no matter how small, is a worthy endeavor.

Whether acknowledged or not, women and women’s advocates have gone the extra mile to confront these challenges, affirming their presence and making their voices heard, here’s how:

#1 Achieving Success


These past four years have been challenging for all sectors and us as Lebanese citizens. Despite this, Lebanese women have demonstrated remarkable resilience, working even harder to achieve success across various domains, especially amidst the backdrop of widespread job losses during the revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic.

When it comes to providing for their families, Lebanese women, as mothers, share a real devotion. Their hearts are firmly rooted in their children, and despite the struggles they’ve encountered, they kept moving forward and achieving success in diverse sectors.

A notable trend has been the rise of women entrepreneurs, who, starting from scratch, have launched their businesses. Their unwavering determination ensures that nothing dims their voices, amplifying their presence and impact more than ever before.

#2 Breaking Barriers


Every year, numerous Lebanese women shatter norms and barriers as they fearlessly step into traditionally male-dominated sectors, forging paths and ascending to various jobs and positions.

Their trailblazing endeavors demonstrate that these domains are not exclusive to men; rather, women can pursue their passions and achieve success without question. Let’s not forget the countless Lebanese female pioneers who have carved their names in fields dominated by men.

Today, we salute and express gratitude to these trailblazers, whose voices resonate with the aspirations of young girls dreaming of occupying positions and pursuing hobbies named “male territory” by society.

#3 Going Global

Anwar Amro, AFP

It’s no wonder that Lebanese names shine on the global stage; excellence seems to be in our DNA, particularly among Lebanese women who have carved paths internationally. It fills us with pride to know that Lebanese women are recognized, especially for their achievements in securing high-ranking positions worldwide.

Today, from Lebanon to every corner of the globe, let’s raise a salute to all Lebanese women who have not only secured but continue to strive for positions, amplifying their voices along the way. Let’s proudly proclaim our identity to the world; they should already know who we are, don’t you think?

#4 Women Support Women


In Lebanon, we have a proverb: “eed la hala ma bet’zaef,” which translates to “One hand cannot clap.” This embodies the importance of unity and collaboration among everyone and in our case today, among women.

By coming together and supporting each other instead of working against one another, we amplify our voices and make them heard.

We can happily say that there’s a growing wave of awareness among women in Lebanon, recognizing the strength in working together as a community to address women’s issues and ensure our voices and needs are heard. It’s truly a beautiful thing to witness.

#5 Raising Awareness


NGOs with noble causes related to women are putting tremendous efforts to raise awareness about women’s issues, despite the numerous obstacles and struggles faced by Lebanon, especially concerning funding and the current presidential vacancy and what follows.

These organizations play a crucial role in amplifying their voices to the relevant authorities, advocating for women’s rights, and addressing pressing issues. Most importantly, they work collaboratively, united by a common cause—the advancement of women.

On this day, let’s recognize and express our gratitude to them for their tireless dedication and hard work. As we say in Arabic, “yaatekon alf aafyeh!” (may a thousand blessings be upon you).

#6 Acknowledging Accomplishments

UN Women

You know, acknowledging the accomplishments of others is a strength not everyone possesses. Women in Lebanon are now more than ever celebrating each other’s successes, sharing them far and wide, and giving credit where it’s due. This act truly amplifies our voices as Lebanese women and girls, making them more prominent than ever before.

On this day, I encourage you to acknowledge the achievements of a fellow woman. Each time you encounter a successful woman, salute her, applaud her efforts, and through this collective recognition, let everyone know who we are.

#7 Embracing Partnership

Middle East Institute

Adopting the mentality of collaboration, and recognizing that women and men are life partners is becoming familiar in our community. It’s crucial to understand that we are not adversaries; instead, we work together and share life.

We acknowledge the importance of men in our lives, and many are readily supporting women to achieve success and have their voices heard.

In recent times, the embrace of partnerships with men is growing, and we should all appreciate and celebrate that. It’s a positive development that amplifies our voices and steers us in the right direction.

Therefore, on this day, let’s extend our gratitude to men who are true partners, actively working for and with women.

On this Women’s Day, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the women who are breaking barriers and raising their voices, even when faced with attempts to silence them. To every woman out there striving to make a difference, know that your voice, however soft you may think it is, is resonating far and wide.

Keep speaking up and taking action; we’re all walking the same path, the path of women. Happy Women’s Day!

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