We Asked iPhone 15 Resellers In Lebanon How They’re Charging, And Prices Are Insane

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The iPhone 15 Pro Max has been unveiled, capturing attention worldwide. With its release, potential buyers in Lebanon are eager to know what it will cost them.

We’ve gathered all the relevant details from Adkom, one of the two Apple resellers in the country, to provide a transparent look at the pricing.

Price at Adkom

Adkom lists the base 256GB model of the iPhone 15 Pro Max at a total price of $1,863, inclusive of various costs and fees. To understand this price point, let’s break down the numbers.

Price Breakdown

The final price of $1,863 for the iPhone 15 Pro Max at Adkom in Lebanon is made up of several components:

  • MSRP in the U.S.: $1,199
  • Customs: Estimated to be 30% of the MSRP, which comes to $359.70 (as estimated by an expert)
  • VAT: An added 11% of the MSRP, or $131.89
  • “Security Fees”: An additional 3% of the MSRP, totaling $35.97
  • Total Cost Without Profit and Shipping: $1,726.56
  • Reseller’s Added Profit + Shipping Costs: Approximately $136.44

This breakdown illuminates how the U.S. MSRP of $1,199 evolves into the $1,863 price tag by the time the phone reaches Lebanese consumers through Adkom.

For those interested in the other models, here are their respective prices, inclusive of 11% VAT:

  • iPhone 15 128GB: $1,276.50
  • iPhone 15 Plus 128GB: $1,415.25
  • iPhone 15 Pro 128GB: $1,581.75

Prices from Other Non-Apple Resellers

Interestingly, other non-Apple resellers around Lebanon are offering the iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB at whopping prices:

  • Ahmaz Original was charging $2,500 on Release. Today, the price sits at $1,990
  • Private tech has priced it at $2,200

While iPhone 15 Pro prices came as the following for the base 128GB model:

  • Private tech: $1,850
  • Amhaz Original: $1.550
  • Boudi Mobile: $1,550

For those wondering about iStyle, the other Apple reseller in Lebanon, they’ve informed us that they currently have no information on the pricing of the new iPhones but they expect to have those by the beginning of next week.

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