We Spoke To The Couple Behind The Viral MEA Proposal & Their Story Is Adorable


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A heartwarming video of the pilot Ibrahim El Khatib proposing to Chirine El Hajj on an MEA flight has captured the attention of many.

The pilot gets down on one knee in front of 245 passengers after adorably sharing his love for his girlfriend in a public announcement aboard the plane.

We reached out to the couple and were able to speak to Ibrahim (Bob) to ask him a few questions.

“Planning? I haven’t done much. I improvised it and used the language of love.”

The two lovers met through Linkedin back in October 2022 and it turned out that their parents already knew each other.

After nine months of dating, Ibrahim decided it was time to put a ring on it and was waiting for the perfect moment.

He described how she was in Istanbul with her mother and sister. He took her flight back home and decided to propose on board. He just went two days before the flight to buy the ring.

As the video shows, Chirine was utterly shocked as she didn’t expect this moment.

Ibrahim emphasized, “The most important thing is building a relationship based on a mutual understanding of the two partners’ lifestyles. Even though my work requires me to be away during weekends and holidays, I always commit time for my partner to maintain and strengthen our bond.

The video has been going viral across social media. Ibrahim reacted “Well, I wasn’t expecting the video to go viral! It’s nice to see that people liked it, and it did spread some joyful moments.”

العربية Français

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