We Spoke With Viral Lebanese Singer Vernis Rouge From The Voice France


Lebanese singer Vernis Rouge, also known as Manon Debs, captivates audiences with her unique performance on The Voice France.

Her soft cover of the popular French rap song “Bande Organisée” by 13 Organisé surprises judges and viewers alike, earning praise and going viral on TikTok.

Her rendition showcases her distinctive style and musical talent, propelling her into the spotlight and sparking a viral trend across France at just 25 years old.

Manon’s audition on The Voice attracted almost 20 million views and over 1 million likes.

We sat down with her as she opens about her background and journey in this exclusive interview:

961: Tell us about your background and how you ended up in France.

Vernis Rouge: I was born in Beirut, Lebanon. My dad is Lebanese and my mom is French. I spent my entire childhood in Lebanon and was evacuated in 2006 due to the Hezbollah-Israel war. Since then, I’ve been living in France because my parents got divorced, and I almost always return to Lebanon in the summers to reunite with my father’s side of the family.

961: Is your family supportive of your music work?

Vernis Rouge: I’m lucky to have a very close-knit and strong family. My parents and my two older brothers have always supported me wholeheartedly. My two older brothers challenge me, coach me, and push me to constantly question myself to improve. I also have a special relationship with my mom, who has been integral to the project from the beginning and advises me a lot. The joy of having a career like this for me is also that I bring my family, which is spread around the world (between France, Lebanon, Canada, London, Dubai, Brazil..), together in France for each of my major concerts. That’s what means the most to me. The human adventure on all levels.

961: How does it feel to go viral and see people use your cover to create a TikTok trend?

Vernis Rouge: It’s crazy how quickly everything can change overnight. I’m very ambitious and also a hard worker. I believe that hard work always pays off as long as you remain true and honest. I’m so proud that my music is gaining visibility and to see that my personality resonates with people. I can’t wait to meet this new audience at my concerts!

961: What made you want to take this unique approach and style with your song choice?

Vernis Rouge: I’ve always covered rather original songs on social media to challenge myself. I believe that a cover will rarely be better than the original: so it’s better to cover songs in your way and make it a real challenge. Since I don’t listen to rap, I liked the idea of covering it in my way.

961: What inspired you to audition for The Voice France, and how has this experience impacted your musical journey?

Vernis Rouge: I actually didn’t audition, I was spotted by the casting director while I was singing at the metro musician auditions. He immediately asked me to audition for The Voice. Alone, I wouldn’t have thought of participating in such a show because my project is already doing very well and I know where I want to go. But I think you should always seize the opportunities that arise and turn them into strengths. So I wanted to do it to benefit my Vernis Rouge project and my songs.

961: Can you share some behind-the-scenes moments from your time on The Voice France that viewers may not have seen on screen?

Vernis Rouge: Before going on stage for the blind auditions, I waited for over 7-8 hours in a room waiting for my turn hahaha. I was almost falling asleep when they called me to go on stage. I WAS WAITING FOR THAT!

961: Which of the coaches were you hoping to get a reaction from?

Vernis Rouge: None in particular. I trust life and what it holds for me. I was very happy to have piqued the curiosity of BigFlo and Oli.

961: Are there any artists or producers you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

Vernis Rouge: I love what Zaho de Sagazan and Clara Luciani do. If I had to sing with a French pop singer it would be them. As for rap, I love Booba.

961: Why Vernis Rouge as a name?

Vernis Rouge: I like things that are original and attention-grabbing. There’s also the fact that when I was little, I always struggled with embracing my femininity and finding it. As the little sister of 2 brothers, I always wanted to impress them. It’s through music that I discovered myself as more sensual, soft, and dared to talk about love. That’s why I wanted to call the project Vernis Rouge.

961: Has 13’Organisé reacted to your cover yet?

Vernis Rouge: Not yet! I imagine they’re too busy in Marseille :p

Her cover is now available on music streaming platforms including Spotify.