There’s a Website With All The Funniest Lebanese WhatsApp Voice Notes

Since the Lebanese can no longer go out at night due to the curfew, and they are going out of their ways to manage to socialize while social-distancing, here’s something new to keep you occupied and happy during the lockdown: funny Whatsapp voice notes. is a single-page website that shares the funniest, weirdest, and often NSFW WhatsApp voice notes sent from all over Lebanon.

From hilarious mispronunciations of words like “Birthday” to Berser, “Liban Post” to Laban Post, to homemade music parodies, or original songs like The Darta Song, the recordings will have you laughing aloud.

The voice notes keep getting better and better (or more bizarre) as you scroll down the page. Just a heads up, you might want to use earphones.

If you have a funny share-worthy voice note, send it to [email protected] and make someone’s day.

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