Wedding Dresses Hung In Beirut To Protest Article 522 (Rape Law)

This is easily one of the most visually graphic campaigns to end Article 522, also known as the “rape law.” Wedding dresses were hung from nooses in Beirut’s seafront.

In Lebanon, Article 522 of the penal code allows a rapist to be exonerated if he marries his victim. A similar law in Jordan was just abolished last week. We’ve covered the story quite a bit and will continue to do so as we approach the critical day, May 15.

A proposal to scrap this law was first introduced last year and was approved by a parliamentary committee in February.

On May 15, the MPs are set to vote on whether or not to abolish it. It’s important to note that it’s not the first time that laws have gone for “revision”, only to be pushed aside later on.

This is why we should continue to raise awareness and push for this. The Minister for Women’s Affairs Jean Oghassabian described the article as being “from the stone age”.

“There are 31 days in a month and every single day, a woman may be raped and forced to marry her rapist,” said Alia Awada from the non-governmental organization ABAAD. The installation was designed in Paris by Lebanese artist Mireille Honein.

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