The Weeknd’s Manager Is Raising Money To Help Feed Lebanese In Need


In a recent post, Wassim Slaiby, who goes by Sal, announced that he is launching a campaign to raise money to feed the vulnerable families in Lebanon.

Sal is a Lebanese Canadian entrepreneur, music manager, and CEO of XO Records who is famously known to manage many international music artists namely The Weeknd. He is married to former Miss USA Rima Fakih who is also Lebanese, so this matter is very close to his heart.

“I read a heartbreaking article on CNN recently about my home country, Lebanon,” he stated. The article reported that millions of people are “in need of aid and are at risk of going hungry due to pandemic-related lockdown measures”.

“Most of the world does not pay attention to Lebanon, but I can’t stand by and watch,” he wrote before announcing his initiative.

Therefore, Sal launched a GoFundMe campaign that will directly benefit Lebanese families through the World Food Program (WFP).

According to Sal’s post, the WFP runs an efficient e-card system that allows families to use cards to buy food in shops across Lebanon and helps families “choose the makeup of their meals, gives them access to fresh produce, and also boosts the local economy”.

Sal who has a large following of 208K on Instagram alone, and who is closely connected with numerous world celebrities, is one of many Lebanese working to provide meals for people in need.

At this stage in which Lebanon is struggling with too many crises, the active support of the Lebanese in the diaspora has become crucial to the survival of many in Lebanon.

People like Sal, stepping up to help and give back to their homeland, stand today as the Stars of Hope in the Lebanese sky that has darkened gloomily above many.