17 Weird & Funny Lebanese Street Sights Caught On Camera

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We say we’ve seen it all in Lebanon. Maybe we have, but we’re not as blasé as to pass by some without gawking in shock or laughing hilariously… or even cussing…

Weird, funny, scary, or totally shocking, here are some Lebanese street sights caught on camera:

Water pouring from a traffic light

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??? #lebanon#onlyinlebanon

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What did the class teacher once say about water and running electricity?

Free shower… since it’s being generously offered

A goat taking some liberties

A wedding photoshoot in the middle of the street

That’s how important weddings are in Lebanon… If some need to block the roads to take some photos, 3zeron ma3on.

Yoga in the middle of the street

You got to love yoga. It’s really liberatingas you can see...

Protecting the load


Nope, it isn’t a make-belief James Bond film…

An escaping detainee lost in the street

A waterfall in the wrong place at the wrong time

Lost in translation

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Can you detect what’s driving what?


Making the best out of the worst

“Where do I go from here?”

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L'homme nouveau #beiruttraffic

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Delivery on its way

Who said curiosity is a thing of cats?

Guess in which car is the driver?


Driving on the sidewalk

The garbage container on a solo ride

It eventually found a companion to continue its trip with…

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