18 Weird & Fascinating Structures In Lebanon

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Lebanon has some buildings and structures that are quite weird and fascinating. Unusual, curiosity-provoking, and creatively strange, they are marvels to look at.

Here are 18 of them:

#1 Basbous Museum

The Basbous Musuem is located in Rachana in the Batroun District. It is an avant-garde open-air museum belonging to the famous Basbous sculptor brothers, Michel, Alfred, and Youssef.

#2 The Pyramid Of Hermel

The Pyramid of Hermel, or Kamouh el-Hermel, is an ancient monument located near Hermel. The origin of the pyramid is shrouded in mystery and has puzzled historians.

Some suggest it may belong to Ancient Greece while others believe it to have been of Assyrian construction. The structure was subject to vandalism and graffiti over the years and some say it was looted.

#3 Nabu Museum

Named after the Babylonian god of wisdom, the Nabu Museum in El-Heri, Chekka, displays a collection of ancient artifacts from the Bronze and Iron Age from Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Phoenician, and Mesopotamian times, as well as contemporary Lebanese cultures, and more.

#4 Oscar Niemeyer Fairgrounds

In 1963, Brazilian world-legend architect Oscar Niemeyer was commissioned to design an international fairground in Tripoli, Lebanon’s second-largest city.

However, its construction was interrupted by the Lebanese Civil War and was never completed. The unfinished expo is one of many projects in Lebanon that were abandoned because of the war.

However, Niemeyer’s futuristic designs have served as an inspiration for architects in the northern city. Referred to as the Rachid Karami International Fair, or Maarad Rachid Karami, the expo welcomes many visitors, hosts events, and is relatively well-maintained.

#5 Mleeta War Museum

This strange snd eerie war museum is located in the village of Mleeta in southern Lebanon. It mainly features different equipment and technology remnants of the 2006 war launched by the Israeli military against Lebanon.

#6 The Grudge


Born out of spite, the Grudge (Al-Ba’sa) is the thinnest building in Beirut, and possibly all of Lebanon. An inheritance dispute between brothers led one of them to set up a building to wall off his brother’s view of the sea and reduce the value of his property. A sibling rivalry taken too far…

#7 The Egg

Built in 1965, The Egg is an unfinished movie theater that was abandoned because of the Lebanese Civil War. It was designed by the late modernist architect Joseph Philippe Karam as part of his Beirut City Center project.

Over time it became a landmark structure in Beirut and recently reemerged as a revolutionary symbol during the October 17 Lebanese Revolution.

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#8 Batroun Aquarium

Another strange structure abandoned during the Lebanese Civil War is the aquarium on the coast of Batroun.

#9 USJ Campus de L’Innovation et du Sport

This unique urban space was completed after 6 years of continuous work. Created by 109architectes and Lebanese architect Youssef Tohme, the Saint Joseph University (USJ) campus of Innovation and Sport is located near the National Museum of Beirut.

#10 Unusually “Fancy” Tree House

Located in the recreational picnic-campsite Arsoun Village, these treehouses are architectural wonders in the middle of a forest.

#11 Bernard Khoury Plot #1072

A Bernard Khoury design, Plot #1072 building in Beirut stands out among the crowd. Facing the Beirut Port, the building sustained damages during the blast.

#12 Bernard Khoury Plot #1282

Another one of Bernard Khoury’s works is Plot #1282 which was built in 2017. Resembling a ship, the residential building garnered the name “Bernard’s Ark.”

#13 Bernard Khoury Plot #4371

A third Bernard Khoury design is Plot #4371 which is anything but your regular living space. Built back in 2015, it was proudly the first of its kind.

#14 Airplane House

The famous airplane house is one of plenty of eccentricities in the village of Miziara, North Lebanon. It is a replica of an Airbus A380 that was built in 1975. You can take a look inside the airplane house here.

#15 Pyramid House

The Pyramid house is another curious structure constructed in Miziara, adding to the architectural wonders in the village. The house was inspired by Ancient Egypt. You can even find Ancient Egyptian-themed elements in the house.

#16 Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs

The Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs designed by legendary architect Zaha Hadid is located in the American University of Beirut (AUB).

#17 Hope for Peace Monument

The Hope for Peace Monument located in Yarze celebrates the end of the Lebanese Civil War in 1990. It was designed by the French-born American artist Armand Fernandez and was built in 1995.

#18 Palace of Dreams

The Palace of Dreams, or “Qasr el Ahlam” is the life work of a visionary named Mohamad Hawchar. Located in the northern Lebanese village of Bakhoun, the structure took $2 million to complete.

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