The Weirdest Things That Are Happening Right Now

@weidsmolenie | @dailyfunnysh1

There is something about fear that makes us jump out of our boundaries and act irrationally, especially when that fear is collective or the abnormal pressure is felt collectively. And that’s what has been happening with many everywhere, and not only in Lebanon, ever since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.

Weird things, crazy things, hilarious things, many have just outdone themselves and continue to do so. No judgment here. We empathize!

#1 People going nuts hoarding Paper Toilets instead of Soaps!

Really, none of you wondered why the crazy “gold-rush” for toilet papers instead of soaps? Totally weird!

#2 People are overconcerned about their eating habits

When you think about it, in times of lockdown, people would be rationally more cautious with their stocked food. Yet, the topic of overeating has been the most viral trend on social media ever since the first week of quarantine. Weird, weird…

#3 People are locked in, Animals are roaming free

Not that we’d go as far as to bring Karma into this, but yeah, humans are locked down and animals look at us from outside. (I bet they’re also thinking that this is all too weird). All respect to the activists of good causes!

#4 Some are going totally nuts challenging the virus

That’s probably the weirdest, craziest, stupidest thing we’ve seen trending online. Some have gone competitively creative on how to most expose themselves to the virus, just to make fame on Social Media. What some fellows won’t do for fame! Weird… weird…

FYI, these nutcases are getting arrested and might be charged with endangering public health and even terrorism, according to CNN.

#5 Parent-children roles have been reversed

It’s the parents now who get told off to stay safe and stay home and “be careful out there, the world isn’t a safe place for you!” And on and on, like “Have you gotten your facemasks? And gloves?” And “No, you’re not going out!”

It feels…. weird… weird!

#6 Some are getting weirdly creative with social distancing

With the lack of protective supplies, some are really outdoing their creativity and resourcefulness under the theme: social distancing. And it is materializing really weird with many. Let’s hope this is not going to turn into a fashion trend once this is over.

#7 Health workers have let go of their serious attitude at work

We now see them dancing inside hospitals and sharing their dances online for all to cheer up. They’re even expressing openly their human vulnerability during this crisis. (And we love them for that!)

#8 People in the streets look like Gangsters and it’s the new “normal”

In normal times, we would have freaked out and blamed it on an alien invasion. Not nowadays when the new normality has different (weird) labels.

#9 Time has slowed down

So much we’ve complained not having enough time that Time has decided to give us a taste of what it feels to have plenty of it. Literally, everybody in quarantine feels that time is rolling at a turtle pace.

Yeah, boredom can do this to some people… All our sympathy.

#10 The weirdest selfies are trending online

If we thought that the over-selfieposting trend was too much just a few months ago, we are reconsidering that now. Too many people in quarantine are going far and beyond with very weird selfies. And the more the quarantine lengthens the weirder the attitudes. Allah yestor what’s ahead.

Scaringly weird…

Silly weird…

And weird TikToks…

#11 “Challenges” on social media are turning ridiculously absurd

Remember the time, not long ago around the corner, when challenges had a meaningful purpose? That’s no more. Lost to the coronavirus quarantine.