Here’s The Full List Of Who’s Running In the West Beirut District In Lebanon’s Elections


Lebanon’s elections are well known for their intricate political schemes and unorthodoxies. This year’s election is shaping up differently with the bold rise of revolutionary youths driven by the existential need for deep change in the political arena.

Probably for the first time in decades, the traditional parties will be facing tough competition for parliamentarian seats they had been clamping for decades.

Many of these long-standing parties are reorganizing their electoral skills for one more fateful attempt against any tangible change shimmering under the debris.

Lebanon comprises 9 electoral districts, each with a varying number of seats for sectarian representation. For a more detailed look at the status quo, here is the list of all the candidates of the West Beirut district running for parliament.

Note: In the list below, PSP stands for the Progressive Socialist Party and FPM for the Free Patriotic Movement.

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Faiysal Afif SayeghDruzeBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
George Fouad HaddadEvangelicalBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Michel Dib FallahGreek OrthodoxBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Ahmed Ibrahim AyyashShiaBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Abdelrahman MbasharSunniBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Bashir Mahmoud ItaniSunniBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Khaled QabbaniSunniBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Lina Omar TaneerSunniBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Majid Mwaffaq DimashqiyehSunniBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Zeina Ibrahim MasriSunniBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Rima Hassib Abo ShakraDruzeBeirut Madinati
Maha Assad al-RasiEvangelicalBeirut Madinati
Paula Nicolas RabiyzGreek OrthodoxBeirut Madinati
Nahida Mohamad KhalilShiaBeirut Madinati
Faisal TemrawiSunniBeirut Madinati
Sarah Salim YassineSunniBeirut Madinati
Zeina Kamal MounzerDruze Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Omar DabbaghiEvangelicalBeirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Zeina Nabih MajdelaniGreek OrthodoxBeirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Lina Mohamad Ali HamdanShiaBeirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Olfat Hamza SabehShiaBeirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Abdellatif Riad ItaniSunni Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Fouad MakhzoumiSunni Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Hassan KashliSunni Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Kareem Fouad ShbagloSunni Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Mazen Fayez ShabaroSunni Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Nabil Ahmad Bassam NajjaSunni Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Hani Anis el-AhmadiyyehDruze Beirut the Change
Nohad Salim YazbekEvangelical Beirut the Change
Melhem Emile KhalafGreek Orthodox Beirut the Change
Ali Kamel AbbasShiaBeirut the Change
Mahmoud Kamel FakihShiaBeirut the Change
Fatima Ahmed MushrifSunniBeirut the Change
Ibrahim Hassan MneimnehSunniBeirut the Change
Iman Wael TabbaraSunniBeirut the Change
Rashdi Adan QabbaniSunniBeirut the Change
Samah Hassan HalwaniSunniBeirut the Change
Waddah Ibrahim Sade SadekSunniBeirut the Change
Nassib Camille JawhariDruze Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Edgar Joseph TraboulsiEvangelical Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Rami MaaloufGreek Orthodox Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Amin SharriShia Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Mohamed KhawajaShia Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Abdallah Ghassan MatrajiSunni Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Almutassam Billah Fawzi AdhamSunni Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Maha Khalil ShatilaSunni Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Hadi Najib Adib HosniEvangelical Capable
Alexi Gibran HaddadGreek Orthodox Capable
Ali Rida Diana ShiranShia Capable
Mohamad NasserShia Capable
Omar Abdelnasr SabraSunni Capable
Waam Fawwaz DallalDruze Capable
Samir HalabiDruze So Beirut Stays
Dalal Halim RahbaniEvangelical So Beirut Stays
Nicolas Najib SabaGreek Orthodox So Beirut Stays
Ahmed Mukhtar KhaledSunni So Beirut Stays
Fouad Adel DeekSunni So Beirut Stays
lyad Mahmoud MerhiSunni So Beirut Stays
Khouloud Mawfig el-WattarSunni So Beirut Stays
Mohamed Eid Abdelgader ShehabSunni So Beirut Stays
Rasha Mohamad ItaniSunni So Beirut Stays
Wissam Abo FakhrDruze This is Beirut
Harotian Samuel KokozianEvangelical This is Beirut
Khalil Emile BrumanaGreek Orthodox This is Beirut
Haidar Hassan BazziShia This is Beirut
Hoda AassiShia This is Beirut
Imad Medhat el-HoutSunni This is Beirut
Mahmoud Mahieddine JamalSunni This is Beirut
Marwan Rafic SalamSunni This is Beirut
Mohamed Nabil Othman BadrSunni This is Beirut
Nabil ItaniSunni This is Beirut
Yusra Abdelhafiz TaneerSunni This is Beirut
lyad Hussain el-BannaDruze To Beirut
Mary Fadi JalkhEvangelical To Beirut
Jihad Ali HamoudShia To Beirut
Adan Khader TrablousiSunni To Beirut
Ahmad DabbaghSunni To Beirut
Khaled Ibrahim HankirSunni To Beirut
Mohamed Bilal Khalil ArabSunni To Beirut
Mohamed Nohad ArdromaliSunni To Beirut
Walid Bashir ItaniSunni To Beirut
Naim AyyashDruze Yes to Beirut
Ali Hassan FassaaiShiaYes to Beirut
Yassin Kassem FawazShiaYes to Beirut
Ayman Khader Ali MohamadSunni Yes to Beirut
Maya Saadeddine ShatilaSunni Yes to Beirut
Samer Mohamed Ghazi YahiaSunni Yes to Beirut