World Food Program: Basic Foods Are Now Out Of Reach For Most Lebanese Families

WFP | Nabil Mounzer/EPA

The UN World Food Program in Lebanon said that the food prices in the country have increased by 1000%.

“In one of the worst economic crises in the history of the country, basic food items are now out of reach for most families in Lebanon,” commented the World Food Program.

Yesterday, the Central Statistics Department in Lebanon issued the monthly price index, saying that Lebanon’s annual inflation in January 2022 hits the record of 239.69%, with food and beverages up to 483%, after being 438.65% in December 2021.

The shocking inflation of prices of necessities continues amid the unsteady economy caused by the political instability, the pandemic, the devastating Beirut Blast, the banks’ capital control, the dramatic devaluation of the currency, and neglect and misgovernance.

All have led to the ongoing disaster that the people are trying to survive through. Just recently, Pope Francis issued that the tragedy in Lebanon has left many families without bread.

While the poverty rate continues to increase and the very basic essential like food has become a luxury to many, the ruling body maintains its steady stalling towards the much-needed reforms.

Lebanese officials are endeavoring, though, to acquire financial support from the IMF and the Arab Gulf states, both of which have declared that they need to see serious initiatives of reforms being taken by the Lebanese government, which is not happening to date.

Consequently, the World Bank has earlier accused the ruling politicians of having “deliberately” caused the country’s depression and standing in “great denial” as the economic situation deteriorates dramatically.

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