This Is What The New ABC Verdun Will Look Like!

ABC Lebanon just released a video showing what the new ABC Verdun will look like! It will be 50,000 square meters and have stores of major brands, restaurants as well as a movie theatre. It will have 200 leading retail stores including premium brands, flagships and boutiques. ABC Verdun will be the latest addition to ABC’s malls and outlets. In addition to the ABC malls in Achrafieh and Dbayeh, ABC has outlet stores in Hamra, Tripoli and Zahleh. The malls in Achrafieh and Dbayeh contain an impressive number of shops and restaurant options. Both also have big movie theatres. We expect the one in Verdun to follow suit. ABC Lebanon has quite the interesting history. They’ve been around for over 75 years and were the first retailer to open in Lebanon since 1936.  They were also the first to offer fixed prices, to hire women as well as to advertise. With such retail and social innovation/progress, we can’t wait to see what ABC Verdun will have to offer!

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