What The Fvck Is Happening at the961?!

So much has been happening here at and I’m sure you’ve been wondering what’s going on! The title isn’t meant to be sensational. We literally got emails and messages with either that exact question or something along those lines.

It all started about 10 days ago. Our server was breached and the website files of the961 were completely damaged. We don’t know why someone would do that but we’re going to assume it has something to do with how fast we grew since we launched 6 months ago.

As a result, the website went offline for a full 2 days. We worked non-stop with the team to recover the website. We finally did.

We decided it was time to upgrade to a safer and faster server. We moved to a very reliable provider. So you should be able to notice the difference in how fast the website loads now compared to before; even with the shitty internet in Lebanon.

Since then, we’ve been brainstorming ways to make the961 fit our mission. In case you don’t know, this is basically our mission:

To promote and show Lebanon in a positive light through engaging Lebanese content. As well as to keep the Lebanese abroad connected to Lebanon and promote tourism to non-Lebanese.

We improved slightly on the looks of the website but you will be seeing some changes in the near future.


No one likes ads, not even us. But it helps cover the costs of running this website as well as the costs of improving it.

We’ve reduced ads and placed some differently, mainly on the pages (from 3 to 2). You will see an eventual decrease of ads on the website. We’re hoping to remove all the ads from the pages very soon. On the posts, we reduced the number of sponsored links after the article by half (from 2 rows with 8 – to 1 row of 4). On the sidebar, we completely removed the sponsored links. This should significantly reduce the clutter on the page.

We aim to eventually move to a significantly reduced number of ads as to reduce the distraction from the content.


If you’re interested in contributing or writing for us, feel free to shoot us a message.

We’re making improvements based on your feedback. We encourage you to submit your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve!

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