Whatsapp Has A New Feature Perfect For When Your Friends Won’t Stop Sending Monologues

WhatsApp has rolled out a new, life-saving feature that allows users to speed up voice notes.

If you’re a regular victim of the detested minutes-long voice note, this feature will prove especially helpful.

Introduced in the latest WhatsApp update (version 2.21.100), the new feature allows playing voice notes at 1.5x or 2x the normal speed by tapping a button that appears next to the message.

Tapping once sets the speed to 1.5x, and a second tap brings it up to 2x, cutting that one friend’s daily WhatsApp monologue down to a more digestible message.

The useful feature has generated some positive feedback for the app, which recently faced a massive wave of backlash and criticism after presenting its users with an ultimatum that many viewed as an invasion of their privacy.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp updated its privacy policy and started to alert its massive user base of 2 billion that they must accept the new terms if they wanted to continue using the app.

Facing worldwide outrage, the company removed the set deadline for accepting the terms (February 8th).

The new terms of service popped up again on users’ screens sometime later, asking them to accept the terms by May 15th in order to continue using the app.

The deadline has since been postponed again, this time to June 19th.

While you ponder the controversial new terms of service, take a look at this hilarious collection of the funniest Lebanese WhatsApp voice notes.

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