World Health Organization Just Confirmed There Is No Coronavirus In Lebanon

As new cases of coronavirus, which emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan are being reported daily around the world, the Lebanon office of The World Health Organization (WHO) announced in a statement that there are “no Coronavirus cases in Lebanon.”

It assured that “the Ministry of Public Health is closely monitoring the situation for the early detection of any Coronavirus infection, in line with the international health regulations of 2005.”

“With the support of the WHO’s office in Lebanon, the Ministry of Public Health is exerting intensive efforts and working closely to increase preparedness and precautionary measures, and monitor the situation so as to reduce the risk of Coronavirus finding its way into the country, knowing that this global issue is rapidly developing,” the statement asserted.

It revealed that: “The Ministry of Public Health is monitoring the travelers coming to Beirut through the airport’s temperature monitoring system, and also distributing the list of risks to all arrivals, directly or indirectly, from the countries in which the virus has been confirmed.”

“In addition,” the statement continued, “anyone suspected of having the new Coronavirus will be followed up on the phone by the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Ministry of Public Health.”

The statement also pointed out that: “The World Health Organization in Lebanon supports the national laboratory at the Rafic Hariri University Hospital to import laboratory test materials (primers) for the new Coronavirus from the World Health Organization to be able to confirm cases of infection.”

“Also, all hospitals in Lebanon have received detailed instructions for diagnosis, prevention, and care related to the new Coronavirus.”

The WHO assured in its statement that: “The safety of patients and staff at Rafic Hariri University Hospital is ensured through the provision of four beds to isolate the patient, and the necessary equipment for protection, in addition to a trained staff crew.”

In that regard, the WHO statement explained that the four beds were previously prepared in a private suite. The adding of the necessary equipment is currently being sought for the patients’ care and to ensure the safety of health workers.

“The World Health Organization is still monitoring the numbers of cases in the world and Lebanon,” it reassured in conclusion.

The coronavirus first appeared in Wuhan, China, on December 31st, 2019 and, as of Sunday, February 2nd, the virus has reportedly infected more than 14,000 people globally, according to official tally Thursday.

On January 30th, doctors and public-health experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva declared Coronavirus a global health emergency.

However, Lebanon has been taking serious and effective measures to prevent the transmission of the virus into the country. These measures have been taken mainly at Rafic Hariri International Airport that issued memos to airlines and operating ground services accordingly.

Cautionary measures are now also being taken at the main ports of Lebanon, following the announcement of the arrival of a Chinese cargo ship that will dock in Tripoli port on February 11th

Lebanon Red Cross has also prompted to distribute to the public cautionary instructions, which we recommend you get acquainted with.

Until this moment, and as the Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon Wang Kajian has stressed, “there are no cases of the virus among the Chinese community in Lebanon or among Lebanese nationals in China.”

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