Why Forrest Gump Is Trending in Lebanon

“Life is like a box of chocolate, u never know what your gonna get” ~Forrest Game.

I know, I know… This article started off in the messiest way possible: A world-famous quote terribly misspelled, and its author’s name, well, butchered. This exact quote is what got “Forrest Gump” on the second spot on Twitter’s trending list in Lebanon this morning. 


If you’re familiar with the 25-year-old all-time classic piece of cinema “Forrest Gump,” or with the English language for that matter, you’ll realize that there are so many things wrong with the quote before your eyes reach the end of it; it’s full of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

In the timeless story, the much-beloved, slow-witted fictional main character, played by Hollywood legend Tom Hanks, says the quote to a lady with whom he was sharing a bench at a bus stop. Correctly spelled,  the popular quote goes as follows: “My momma always said: ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’ ”

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Now, back to the messy tweet. The reason why such a fiasco claimed the second spot on Twitter is the person who wrote it; famed Lebanese journalist and celebrity Dima Sadek.

Yesterday, before calling it a night and going to sleep, Dima Sadek decided that she was going to say good night to fans and followers and give them a dose of inspiration, using one of the most recognized and inspiring quotes in cinema. The unintentionally hilarious result of this was too many mistakes in a single-sentence quote.


Dima posted the tweet at 6:07 PM on Saturday. The tweet contained the quote, as miswritten at the beginning of this article, followed by “Good night” and a heart emoji. Of course, Lebanese Tweeters were swift to joke about and call the journalist out on the typos she had made in her tweet, which she later deleted.

The journalist later posted a second tweet in English, explaining the errors in her earlier post, blaming autocorrect and her being half asleep when she hit “Tweet,” and laughing about the fact that Forrest Gump – one of her favorite movies – became trending in Lebanon.


The heavy engagement that her tweet got, and the individual debate that went off in its aftermath, on whether or not autocorrect changes “you’re” to “your” and “Gump” to “Game,” launched “Forrest Gump” to the top-trending list of Twitter in the country overnight.

While it lasted, this random Gump incident was a nice comic relief amidst all that is going on in the country. It was surprising and funny to open Twitter and watch such an alien name and a misspelled deep quote about life and chocolates occupy #2 in the Lebanese social media scene.

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Speaking of chocolates, did you know that a Lebanese chocolate factory was recently chosen among the best in the world?



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