Why Sunday Is Lebanon’s Trendiest Day of the Week!

Right off the bat, if you’re a Lebanese you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Or if you happen to know one, you might have heard that Lebanese people are way too fun to skip out on a day without making the most of it, let alone a Sunday. So, buckle up, and allow me to take you on a pleasurable cultural ride.


It’s true what they say that Sundays ARE fundays; at least, that’s the case in our country. Lebanon may be one of the smallest countries in the world, but it’s also one of the most diverse and manifold loci where the key to living life is simply to have some fun here and there, enjoying what we have around us.

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Which brings us to why a Sunday is a big deal for a typical Lebanese. Whether you’re a scholar or an employee, it’s that one day of the week where all the family unites, friends meet and catch up, road trips take place and outdoors are enjoyed.


Speaking for myself, whatever season it is, I never skip out on a fun-packed Sunday with my family members. It’s an ‘all you can eat and stuff-your-face-with’ buffet. I swear you could smell heavenly seasoned juicy BBQ food three miles away! Not to mention the delicious Tabbouleh, Kebbeh Nayyeh, Hummus, Fatteh, and the traditional Araq to complete the enjoyment of the meal. 

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Don’t even get me started on the aftermath of the mouth-watering sweets, such as my Grandma’s very famous Rice Pudding, Mom’s finger-licking Nammoura, and Dad’s self-proclaimed herbal tea. He brags about making the best herb-infused tea. He’s not wrong though. I have to give him that.


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Leave that to the side, if it’s not a Sunday of family gathering, it’s a day well spent with our friends and relatives hitting cinema halls, restaurants and cafes, or even chilling on our balcony or backyard with a set of icy cold beverages, snackable and never-ending laughter. Despite what is assumed, we don’t need much to appreciate our moments and enjoy the day.

But, if you’re not in the mood for chillaxing and doing nothing for the day then don’t worry, I got you. Bars and nightclubs are such thrill-inducing spots that always attract fun enthusiasts, party lovers, and youthful souls where they be partying like there’s no tomorrow.


After all, one must take a breather and recollect moments with the people that matter the most. While everyone’s busy with their hectic lives during the week, Sundays remind us, Lebanese, that life is still great and things are still in our favor by God’s will.

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As long as the people you love surround you, spreading warmth and you doing so, and, as long as you have a roof above your head, food to sustain you nicely, and a good enough health to live actively, you’re more than blessed.


I mean, don’t we all need time to detox, to refreshen and regenerate, and to bounce back better than ever into life, fully ready to take over the world? Take that as a Sunday in Lebanon. You’ll never feel hollow again. It’s just what Lebanese people do. 

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