The Wildfire Just Restarted In Denniyeh North Lebanon

After an intense fiery night in the northern region of Denniyeh, the wildfire that lasted till early morning is now reigniting in the forest.

As of 7 PM, on Saturday, citizens are posting on social media unsettling pictures and videos of the restart of the danger that consumed hectares of the forest.

Last night, due to the extreme heatwave in Lebanon, a wildfire swept through the forest, edging too close to the residences and compelling their calls onto the Lebanese Civil Defense to take down the massive outbreak, and also sending messages for help on Twitter.

It is to note that, at the first hours of the onset of the fire, the residents did rush to take action, removing inflammable materials out of the way and trying to extinguish the fire with their own water supply, as they waited for the civil defense that also faced a problem of its own.

Panic took over the residents who feared for their homes and safety and rushed to flee as hectares of greenery were being swept by the wildfire, and people felt at a certain time that it was out of control.

The Lebanese Civil Defense later arrived by 9:30 PM with their fire extinguishers and fought to suppress the fires until the next morning. According to its Facebook post, the Civil Defense faced tremendous issues in the process.

In addition to the strong wind that went blowing in all directions making their work highly challenging, there were no roads for the Civil Defense firetrucks to reach the site.

They had to use their manual water pumps to fight the fires, which they managed to control by 7:00 am and waited for the scorched site to cool down before leaving.

However, by 7 p.m, citizens are reporting fires restarting in the destroyed forest…

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