Will the Revolution Grow When 750000 Lebanese Come Back Home for Christmas?

The holiday season is coming up. It is the season where everyone is on break and wants to have a relaxing time.  It is the season when we gather with those we have been separated from. It is the season where we reflect on our blessings and find ways to make life better for everyone around us. Holiday seasons, 2 to 4 weeks of joy, or is it?


Christmas is the season of love, peace, and joy with family and friends, and it is followed by the New Year, considered the day of hope to a better future and when new beginnings are possible. It is a day that marks many new resolutions, a better start a new initiative, for a better future.

Lebanon is the place to be on holiday seasons. Lebanon has always gone up and above expectations. It spares no opportunity to shine on holidays and bring joy, laughter, and good times to everyone.

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During this season, Lebanese from all around the world come back home to spend their holidays with their loved ones. They come to be with their families on these special days, whether they left the homeland to pursue higher education or better job opportunities, or whether they fleed corruption and injustice.

More than 750,000 Lebanese come home during this season. Airports fill up with tears of happiness and joy. This year however it will not be a traditional holiday. Lebanon is in turmoil. This year the celebrations will be dyed with patriotism. The revolution is still ongoing. The people have not gotten their demands yet, for the ruling authorities are not listening nor seem concerned.

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The arrival of these 750 thousand Lebanese from the diaspora will be a strong brilliant mark on the revolution. Just like thousands of these wonderful people flew in from all around the world to participate in the revolution on Independence Day, more are even coming to the rescue of the Lebanese economy.

And just like Independence Day had a new meaning this year, so will Christmas and New year now. The Lebanese will be reunited once more. Their sounds will be heard louder, their cries will be higher, their demands stronger, and their spending in the country will boost local businesses. The Lebanese Revolution will be 750 thousand times stronger!  These holidays promise to go down in our history.

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