William Noun Calls Lebanese Judges ‘Too Weak’ & Demands Beirut Port Blast Probe Be International

Nabil Ismail

William Noun, the spokesman for the families of the Beirut Port Blast victims, has called out Lebanese Judges as being too weak. William Noun’s brother, firefighter Joe Noun, was one of the victims of the Beirut Port explosion.

He’s demanding that the Beirut Port blast investigation be internationalized as the only way to get justice.

The investigation has been blocked for months by Lebanon’s political groups. It aims to uncover responsibility for the blast that killed 244 people and caused billions in damage. Many blame the tragedy on government corruption.

Protests have been escalating on a daily basis.

He emphasized that the families and the victims have been waiting for answers and justice for far too long and will not accept any further delays or obstruction in the investigation.

There was an attempt yesterday to remove Judge Tarek Bitar from the case, despite his popular support. But protests outside the Justice Palace in Beirut successfully prevent quorum at the Higher Judicial Council.

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