Watch Wingsuit Flyers Soar Over Lebanon’s Magnificent Qadisha Valley


The slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” just took on a literal meaning in a daring adventure over Qadisha Valley in the Bcharre District.

Inspired by a good challenge, three French wingsuit flyers by the name of Fred Fugen, Vincent Cotte, and Aurélien Chatard jumped from a Lebanese Air Force helicopter hovering above Lebanon’s highest peak Qornet El-Sawda to explore the spectacular valley from above.

“It is magnificent to be able to start a jump that high, in the mountains and above the Cedars, ending up deep down the canyon,” said Fugen, after completing the jump over the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As the gravity-defying trio glided over the glorious Qadisha valley, they resembled the “Royal Eagles” of local legend. The eagles once soared over the holy land protecting it, according to Johnny Rahme, Office Director of Bsharri Tourism.

Watch the final video, complete with adrenaline-pumping footage from the feat and exclusive rendition of the Lebanese band Adonis’ song “Men Ajmal Ma”.

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