Here’s The List Of Who Won In Mount Lebanon II (Metn) District In Lebanon’s Elections 2022

Lebanon24 | @taste.of.beirut

According to the Ministry of Interior, here are the results for Mount Lebanon II (Metn) district:

Elias HankachMaroniteMetn the Change (Kataeb)
Samy GemayelMaroniteMetn the Change (Kataeb)
Melhem RiachiGreek CatholicThe Free Metn (LF)
Razi al-HajjMaroniteThe Free Metn (LF)
Hagop Ohannes PakradounianArmenian OrthodoxTogether We Are Stronger
Michel MurrGreek Orthodox Together We Are Stronger
Elias Bou SaabGreek OrthodoxWe Were and Will Remain for Metn (FPM)
Ibrahim KanaanMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain for Metn (FPM)

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