Here’s The List Of Who Won In The North III (Bcharre-Zgharta-Batroun-Koura) District In Lebanon’s Elections 2022

The electoral district of North III elects 10 members of The Lebanese National Assembly. Of which 7 of them are Maronites and 3 Greek Orthodox.

This electoral district covers four quartiers: Bcharre, Zgharta, Batroun, and Koura.

Here are the results of Lebanon’s Elections 2022 for North III District, in which the Lebanese Forces party secured 3 out of the seats.

CandidatesSectsElectoral List
Sethrida Tawk GeageaMaronite The Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)
Fadi KaramGreek OrthodoxThe Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)
Ghayath YazbechMaroniteThe Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)
Gebran BassilMaroniteWe Will Stay Here (FPM)
George Nehme AtallahGreek OrthodoxWe Will Stay Here (FPM)
Michel Rene MoawwadMaroniteThe North of Confrontation (Kataeb)
Adib Jerjes AbdelmassihGreek OrthodoxThe North of Confrontation (Kataeb)
Michel Chawki DouaihyMaronite Shamaluna
Tony Sleiman FrangiehMaronite Unity of the North (Marada)
William TawkMaroniteUnity of the North (Marada)