The official results of the 2018 Lebanese parliamentary election

After nine years of waiting, the Lebanese parliamentary election finally took place yesterday. What’s disappointing is that a lot of violations occurred in polling stations. A lot of fights happened in front of these stations, and some people were seen bribing voters. Also, people were seen accompanying voters and checking who they are voting to. Some outlets violated the electoral media blackout reported on campaigns during Election Day.

Sunday evening, the candidate for the Christian minority’s seat in Beirut I Joumana Haddad “announced her victory based on preliminary results,” according to


. This afternoon, news emerged that Haddad may have lost her seat to Antoine Pano due to an alleged fraud that occurred in the polling station. Pano is a candidate for the Free Patriotic Movement.

Her supporters are protesting in front of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, and they are demanding clarification on what happened. The media is not covering the demonstration.

Election frauds happened all over Lebanon, not just in Beirut I. Joumana’s supporters believe that this is a move to prevent her from becoming a Member of the Parliament. The Minister of Interior and Municipalities Nouhad Machnouk

announced the official results

of the 2018 Lebanese parliamentary election except for Akkar because the ballot boxes are being recounted. Check the results!

Beirut I

  • Antoine Pano (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Paula Yaacoubian (Sabaa)
  • Jean Talouzian (pro-March 14)
  • Imad Wakim (Lebanese Forces)
  • Nadim Gemayel (Kataeb)
  • Nicolas Sehnaoui (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Alexander Matosian (Tashnag)
  • Hagop Terzian (Tashnag)

Beirut II

  • Saad Hariri (Future)
  • Tamam Salam (Future)
  • Rola Al Tabsh Jaroudi (Future)
  • Nouhad Machnouk (Future)
  • Nazih Najem (Future)
  • Faisal Al Sayegh (Progressive Socialist Party)
  • Amin Cherri (Hezbollah)
  • Adnan Traboulsi (Ahbash)
  • Mohamad Khawajah (Amal)
  • Edgar Traboulsi (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Fouad Makhzoumi (independent)

Bekaa I

  • Cesar Maalouf (Lebanese Forces)
  • Georges Okai (Lebanese Forces)
  • Michel Daher (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Salim Aoun (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Anwar Jomaa (Hezbollah)
  • Assem Araji (Future)
  • Eddy Demirjian (independent)

Bekaa II

  • AbdelRahim Murad
  • Mohamad Nasrallah (Amal)
  • Elie Firzli (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Mohamad Alkaraawi (Future)
  • Wael Abou Faour (Progressive Socialist Party)
  • Henry Chedid (pro-Future)

Bekaa III

  • Ihab Hamadeh (Hezbollah)
  • Jamil El Sayed
  • Al Walid Sukkarieh (Hezbollah)
  • Albert Mansour
  • Ali Mokdad (Hezbollah)
  • Ghazi Zeiater (Amal)
  • Hussein Hajj Hassan (Hezbollah)
  • Ibrahim Al Moussawi (Hezbollah)
  • Hussein Al Solh
  • Antoine Habchi (Lebanese Forces)

Mount Lebanon I

  • Moustafa Al Husseini
  • Ziad Hawat (Lebanese Forces)
  • Chawki Daccash (Lebanese Forces)
  • Farid Haykal Al Khazen
  • Simon Abi Ramia (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Neemat Frem (independent)
  • Chamel Roukoz (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Roger Azar (Free Patriotic Movement)

Mount Lebanon II

  • Samy Gemayel (Kataeb)
  • Elias Hankash (Kataeb)
  • Ibrahim Kanaan (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Edgar Maalouf (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Elias Abou Saab (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Hagop Pakradounian (Tashnag)
  • Eddy Abi Lamaa (Lebanese Forces)
  • Michel El Murr (independent)

 Mount Lebanon III

  • Fadi Alameh (Amal)
  • Ali Ammar (Hezbollah)
  • Alain Aoun (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Hekmat Deeb (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Pierre Bou Assi (Lebanese Forces)
  • Hadi Aboul Hosson (Progressive Socialist Party)

Mount Lebanon IV

  • Taymour Jumblatt (Progressive Socialist Party)
  • Marwan Hamadeh (Progressive Socialist Party)
  • Akram Chehayeb (Progressive Socialist Party)
  • Nehmeh Tohme (Progressive Socialist Party)
  • Naji Boustani
  • Henri Helou
  • Bilal Abdallah (Progressive Socialist Party)
  • Mohammad Al Hajjar (Future)
  • Georges Adwan (Lebanese Forces)
  • Anis Nassar (Lebanese Forces)
  • Mario Aoun (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Cesar Abi Khalil (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Farid Boustani (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Talal Arslan

 South I

  • Ousama Saad
  • Ibrahim Azar
  • Bahiya Hariri (Future)
  • Ziad Aswad (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Salim Khoury (Free Patriotic Movement)

South II

  • Nawaf Moussawi
  • Innaya Ezzeddine (Amal)
  • Hussein Jashi (Hezbollah)
  • Ali Khreiss (Amal)
  • Nabih Berri (Amal)
  • Ali Osseiran (Amal)
  • Michel Moussa (Amal)

South III

  • Hasan Fadlallah (Hezbollah)
  • Ali Bazzi (Amal)
  • Ayoub Humayed (Amal)
  • Mohammad Raad (Hezbollah)
  • Yassin Jaber (Amal)
  • Hani Kobeissi (Amal)
  • Kassem Hashem
  • Ali Hassan Khalil (Amal)
  • Ali Fayad (Hezbollah)
  • Anwar Khalil (Amal)
  • Asaad Herdan (Syrian Social Nationalist Party)

North I

  • Walid Al Baarini (Future)
  • Mohamad Sleiman (Future)
  • Tarek Merheby (Future)
  • Khodor Habib (Future)
  • Hadi Hobeiche (Future)
  • Webhe Katisha
  • Asaad Dergham (Free Patriotic Movement)

North II

  • Najib Mikati (Azm)
  • Jean Obeid (Azm)
  • Ali Darwich (Azm)
  • Nicolas Nahhas (Azm)
  • Samir Al Jisr (Future)
  • Mohamad Kabara (pro-Future)
  • Dima Jamali (Future)
  • Othman Alamaddine (Future)
  • Sami Fatfat (Future)
  • Faysal Karamy
  • Jihad Samad

North III

  • Tony Frangieh (Marada)
  • Estfan Doueihi (Marada)
  • Fayez Ghosn (Marada)
  • Salim Saadeh (Syrian Social Nationalist Party)
  • Sethrida Geagea (Lebanese Forces)
  • Joseph Isaac (Lebanese Forces)
  • Fadi Saad (Lebanese Forces)
  • Georges Atallah (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Gebran Bassil (Free Patriotic Movement)
  • Michel Mouawad

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