Winter Is Here And We All Know What This Means In Lebanon (Videos)


Swimming season is here in Lebanon! I know what you are thinking…. but it’s winter?!

Exactly, summer here is when people go swimming. Winter, however, is when vehicles, and sometimes houses and furniture enjoy the abundance of waters.

#Lebanon_drowns or لبنان_يغرق# is a hashtag that the Lebanese people revert to every time it starts raining heavily. They share the amazing wonder that is winter in Lebanon.

The streets are flooding, people are stuck, water goes into the houses, and not to mention the amount of waste that go along with the floods and the power cuts that happened all over Lebanon.

It is not only annoying and frustrating and a great obstacle in people’s way to get their daily and important tasks done, but it is also quite dangerous. Check out this poor delivery guy that literally almost drowned while doing his job:

Also, check out these one-of-a-kind waterworks right in the middle of a street in Lebanon:

We have a lot of people to thank for this phenomenon that we witness every year in our country: the ministers and the municipalities involved and our ‘caring and hardworking’ Lebanese government.

This is one of the many urgent problems that need fixing in Lebanon. It is also one among many with promises attached that the Lebanese get to hear and endure throughout the years.

Yet, it’s 2020, and here we are. Those in charge prevail with an amazing determination to showcase and show off their failure towards the people and the country.

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