A Woman And Her Boyfriend Planted Drugs In Husband’s Car In Lebanon To Get Rid Of Him

Woman And Boyfriend In Lebanon Planted Drugs In Husband's Car To Get Rid Of Him

Lebanese security forces arrested a woman and her boyfriend who, together, attempted to implicate the woman’s husband in an illicit drug case.

On April 21st, the Information branch of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) received a tip about a person named “A.H.” promoting illicit drugs and fake currency using his Hyundai car in the village of Tabarja, Keserwan, the ISF said in a statement on Saturday.

Accordingly, a patrol of the Information Branch arrested the man while he was in his car.

Upon searching the car, the patrol found 9 transparent bags containing cannabis, a separate piece of the substance, and 2 additional bags containing salvia (hallucinogenic herb).

However, during the interrogation, the detainee denied abusing or promoting drugs.

Further investigations found no evidence that the detainee was linked to any drug cases. Interestingly, A.H.’s wife was revealed to be in a relationship with the person who had tipped security forces about him, which raised suspicions.

On April 22nd, the Information branch arrested the wife, a 35-year-old Syrian national with the initials “R.S.”, and her boyfriend, a 37-year-old Lebanese national with the initials “S.H.”.

S.H.’s car was searched and found to contain a handgun and a magazine with 8 live rounds.

Upon their interrogation, the two admitted to having planted the drugs in the husband’s car, with the aim of implicating him in a drug case and “getting rid of him.”

S.H. planted the substances in the car with the help of R.S., then he informed security forces about him to have him arrested.

In light of this revelation, the husband was released, and the required legal measures were taken against the wife and her lover, who were referred with the seized items to the competent judicial reference.

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