Woman Caught On Tape Brutally Attacking A Child In South Lebanon Sparks Outrage

Ghalia Lou Lou/Facebook

Videos of a woman brutally beating a child are concerning people across Lebanon. The woman, who is reportedly a teacher in Ghazieh High School in South Lebanon, is seen violently throwing a child and kicking him to the ground in broad daylight.

Replying to The961 on social media, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) informed us that it had stopped the woman and launched an investigation under the supervision of the competent judiciary.

A security source from the ISF’s Information Office explained to The961 that she reacted this way when the child bit her son. “Of course, her reaction is unacceptable and she has been taken in for questioning,” the source added.

Similar to the information circulating, the ISF confirmed the beaten child is of Syrian nationality while the woman is Lebanese. The woman went also filing a complaint against the child’s family, as confirmed by the source without further details.

On Twitter, lawyer and activist Joe Maalouf wrote that the woman is filing a defamation lawsuit, under the pretext that she had a natural reaction to her son getting bitten, in order to pressure the Syrian child’s family.

Photos of the child’s injuries were shared on social media.

Maalouf indicated that the case was being followed up on by the General Prosecutor in the South, Judge Rahif Ramadan.

According to Salman Andary, a news reporter/producer at Sky News Arabia, after the traumatic attack, the child is suffering from a cold. Andary revealed that the attacker’s name is ‘Nazira Jounblat’ and called her actions “savage” and “disgusting”.

The group “Tollab Lebnen” (Lebanon’s Students) has called on the caretaker Education Minister, Tarek Majzoub, to expel her from all educational institutions “so that she can be an example to all thugs like her.”

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