Woman Seen Preparing Koussa In Her Car While Waiting To Refuel In Lebanon (Video)

TRT World | @the961

The scenes unfurling at gas stations in Lebanon continue to increase in weirdness, where weird defines abnormal behavior.

However, one can’t possibly judge people trying to adapt to abnormal situations in order to cope or carry on with their duties and life’s requirements.

That’s what this Lebanese mother waiting in a long queue to refuel her car did. Knowing the long wait that it will take her, she brought along what is needed to start preparing her family meal for the day.

She was seen preparing Koussa (zucchinis), which does take quite a time to do by the way, while waiting in her car. After all, the family has to eat; fuel or not fuel.

Someone commented on this post, “This type of behavior will not lead us to anything, it’s actually sad and embarrassing.”

It surely won’t lead to solving the crisis, which, after all, is not this mother’s responsibility. Hers is to ensure the family meal for the day, whatever it takes.

It is a sad situation, for sure. However, the embarrassment is on those who have brought the country to such extreme hardships, disregarding important issues until they turned into crises.

Left untackled, the crises have developed into a general disaster the people have to cope with the best they can in order to survive them.

Another related weird scene spotted in Lebanon is people having food delivered to their cars as they wait in long queues at gas stations.

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