A Woman Raided A Bank In North Lebanon For Her Money To Pay For Her Mother’s Surgery

Lebanon will open the application process for USD cash cards starting next week, caretaker Tourism and Social Affairs Minister Ramzi Moucharafieh announced on Thursday.

After raiding the Intercontinental Bank of Lebanon (IBL Bank) on Wednesday, the depositor Amina Mohammed managed to withdraw part of her deposited money to carry out surgery for her sick mother.

About nine hours after the break-in, the bank agreed to give her an amount of $15,000 from her full deposit of $90,000 for the treatment of her mother.

Members of the security forces and State Security came to the scene and held negotiations with Amina, who was supported by her husband from outside the bank. He explained his her mother’s health condition and her need for treatment and the installation of an artificial limb.

Activists also came to stand in solidarity with her and sent her messages of support. At around eight o’clock on Wednesday evening, Amina left the aforementioned bank.

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