Inspiring Video Of Lebanese Woman Singing To Fairuz During Emergency Childbirth


In an inspiring scene full of hope amid the ongoing despair in Lebanon, a video of a woman singing during childbirth emerged on Lebanese social media.

The video was posted on Twitter by the doctor himself, the Lebanese gynecologist and obstetrician Richard Kharrat.

The woman is heard singing “Sa’alouni El Nas A3nak Ya Habibi” (People Asked Me About You, My Love) by the Lebanese icon Fairuz in the operating room, along with Dr. Kharrat as he helps her deliver a new life to this world.

Kharrat is heard encouraging her to sing along, easing down her tension and fear during the emergency delivery.

“When the patient has a great voice and she sings to Fairuz while she is giving birth in a case of emergency, you are made to forget about fear and everything negative that is happening,” the doctor wrote in the tweet of the video.

Fairuz is the Lebanese icon of peace, patriotism, and unity. Her songs continue to accompany many Lebanese in their lives and fill their hearts with hope and courage, as her son just did in this particular case.

She’s the one who sang to Lebanon, “I love you in your madness” and she just released a modern remix of her timeless song “Adaysh Ken Fi Nass.”

As for Doctor Richard Kharrat, he is one of those few avant-garde Lebanese doctors who have been attracting public attention on social media with videos of him singing in operating rooms, reflecting his love of his work and care for his patients.

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Inspiring Video Of Lebanese Woman Singing To Fairuz During Emergency Childbirth

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