Here’s The List Of All Lebanese Women Running For Parliament In Lebanon Elections 2022


Lebanon Elections 2022 is already marking the country’s history despite the uncertain outcome. While some might argue, it is the uprising of the people against the status quo that has yielded changes ever since the Lebanese Revolution took off in October 2019.

Changes did not materialize in the governance arena, yet they went deeper to the base and wider across the nation.

Political stereotypes have been broken and mindsets have evolved, fueling people with the boldness to step up, challenge the once-unflappable, and bring the reforms themselves.

It is a rebellious election event we are witnessing today in Lebanon.

New blood, new voices, and new ideas, and women rising by numbers to claim their rights in governance.

Among the 1,043 candidates, there are 155 Lebanese women who entered the electoral race for parliament, making up nearly 15% of the sum of contestants.

Some of them were compelled to withdraw, and 113 remain, including a 26-year-old political rebel that has stolen the lights as the youngest candidate.

If not by the percentage then by pure numbers, female participation this year is one of the highest in Lebanese history.

East Beirut

Nada Albert SehnaouiGreek CatholicBeirut Madinati
Mary Lynne JureidiniGreek OrthodoxCapable
Brigette Gilbert ShalabianArmenian CatholicLi Watani
Diana Boughous OhanianArmenian OrthodoxLi Watani
Magi NanjianArmenian OrthodoxLi Watani
Paula YacoubianArmenian OrthodoxLi Watani
Cynthia Fadi ZarazeerMinoritiesLi Watani
Annie SeferianArmenian OrthodoxSovereign Lebanon
Asma Maria Assad AndraosGreek OrthodoxSovereign Lebanon
Carla Labib BoutrosGreek OrthodoxWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut

West Beirut

Lina Omar TaneerSunniBeirut Confronts
Zeina Ibrahim MasriSunniBeirut Confronts
Rima Hassib Abo ShakraDruzeBeirut Madinati
Maha Assad al-RasiEvangelicalBeirut Madinati
Paula Nicolas RabiyzGreek OrthodoxBeirut Madinati
Nahida Mohamad KhalilShiaBeirut Madinati
Sarah Salim YassineSunniBeirut Madinati
Zeina Kamal MounzerDruzeBeirut Needs a Heart
Zeina Nabih MajdelaniGreek OrthodoxBeirut Needs a Heart
Lina Mohamad Ali HamdanShiaBeirut Needs a Heart
Olfat Hamza SabehShiaBeirut Needs a Heart
Fatima Ahmed MushrifSunniBeirut the Change
Iman Wael TabbaraSunniBeirut the Change
Samah Hassan HalwaniSunniBeirut the Change
Maha Khalil ShatilaSunniBeirut United
Dalal Halim RahbaniEvangelicalSo Beirut Stays
Khouloud Mawfig el-WattarSunniSo Beirut Stays
Rasha Mohamad ItaniSunniSo Beirut Stays
Hoda AassiShiaThis is Beirut
Yusra Abdelhafiz TaneerSunniThis is Beirut
Mary Fadi JalkhEvangelical To Beirut
Maya Saadeddine ShatilaSunni Yes to Beirut

North I (Akkar)

Reine Simon SawanMaroniteAkkar Revolts
Jinane Ahmad HamdanAlawiteAkkar the Change
Loris Adib RaiiGreek OrthodoxAkkar the Change
Wafa Camille GemayelGreek OrthodoxAkkar the Change
Julie HannaGreek OrthodoxNational Moderation
Roula Mohamad MradSunniTowards Citizenship

North II (Tripoli – Minnieh – Dennieh)

Afra Muhammad EidSunniFor the People
Elissar Khalid YassenSunniFor the People
Ruby Abdelrahman DalatiSunniLebanon Is Ours
Iman Essam DernaikaSunniRescue of Nation
Hind Mohammed SoufiSunniRevolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Dima Maan DennaouiSunniStability and Development
Susan Muhamad Rashid KsahaSunniStability and Development
Farah Ali Al-HaddadSunniThe Real Change
Janet Youssef FrangiehMaroniteThe Third Republic
Diala Khader OstaSunniThe Third Republic
Doha Mohamed AhmadSunniThe Third Republic

North III (Bcharre-Zghorta-Batroun-Koura)

Myrna Charbel Khoury HannaMaronite Awaken Your Voice
Layal Bou MoussaMaronite Shamaluna
Fadwa NassifGreek Orthodox Shamaluna
Chaden Elias DaifMaronite Shamaluna
Gistelle SemaanMaronite Shamaluna
Joelle Michelle HoweikMaronite The North of Confrontation
Bridgette Benjamin KhayrGreek Orthodox The North of Confrontation
Layal Toni NehmeMaronite The Pulse of the Strong Republic
Sethrida Tawk GeageaMaronite The Pulse of the Strong Republic
Maguy Antoine TobiaMaroniteThe Pulse of the Strong Republic
Carole Edmond DahdahMaroniteUnity of the North
Marie-Jo Michel MatarMaroniteWe Can Change
Zeina Abdallah NabtisGreek Orthodox We Can Change

Bekaa I (Zahle)

Petra Khalil SamahaGreek CatholicCapable of Confrontation
Rania Shehadeh el-MeisSunniCapable of Confrontation
Leena Manouk KoukjianArmenian OrthodoxChange
Martine Andre DemergianArmenian OrthodoxIndependent Sovereignists
Samar Abdel Razak AdhamSunniSpeech and Action
Miriam Gibran Tawk SkaffGreek CatholicThe Popular Bloc
Sabine Pierre KassoufGreek CatholicZahle the Sovereign
Dima Hussein Abu DayhShiaZahle the Sovereign

Bekaa II (West Bekaa-Rachaya)

Ghinwa Hassin AsaadShiaOur Bekaa First
Sally Fawzy ShamiaGreek OrthodoxSahlouna Wal Jabal
Maggy Badi’ AounMaroniteSahlouna Wal Jabal
Guita Dawoud OjeilMaroniteTowards Change

Bekaa III (Baalbek-Hermel)

Sarah Mansour ZaiterShiaCapable
Shahrazd Ali HamiyehShiaTribes and Families for Development

Mount Lebanon I (Jbeil-Kesrwan)

Farah Kamel NasserShiaCapable
Najwa Victor BassilMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation
Josephine ZgheibMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation
Julie DakkacheMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation
Rania Victor BassilMaroniteWe Are the Change
Zeina KallabMaroniteWe Are the Change
Nada BoustanyMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain
Karen Patrice Raymond BustaniMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End

Mount Lebanon II (Metn)

Rima Fouad NoujaimGreek CatholicMetn the Change
Mona SukkarMaroniteMetn the Change
Lea Michel Bou ShayaGreek CatholicTogether We Are Stronger
Joyce Edmond JamalGreek OrthodoxTogether We Are Stronger
Randa Abdallah AbboudMaroniteTogether We Are Stronger
Shaden MaaloufGreek OrthodoxTowards the State
Miriam JaberMaroniteTowards the State
Verena Rashad Al-AmilMaroniteTowards the State

Mount Lebanon III (Baabda)

Abir NajiDruzeBaabda the Change
Amal Fouad Abou FarhatMaroniteTogether We Can

Mount Lebanon IV (Aley-Chouf)

Nagham Naji al-HalabiDruzeCapable
Joelle Joseph FaddoulMaronitePartnership and Will
Habouba Yousef AounMaronitePartnership and Will
Daad Nassif AzziMaroniteSovereignty of a Nation
Joyce Joseph MarounMaroniteSovereignty of a Nation
Zeina Shawki MansourDruzeThe Mountain Revolts
Zoya Najib JureidiniGreek OrthodoxUnited for Change
Rania Adel GhaithDruzeUnited for Change
Ghada Ghazi Marouni EidMaroniteUnited for Change
Najat Khatar AounMaroniteUnited for Change
Halima Ibrahim QaaqourSunniUnited for Change
Jamal Antoine MerhejMaroniteYour Vote is a Revolution

South I (Saida-Jezzine)

Ghada Khalil AyoubGreek CatholicOur Unity in Saida and Jezzine
Rana Walid El TawilSunniThe Voice of Change
Hania Hani ZaatariSunniWe Are the Change

South II (Zahrany-Sur)

Inaya EzzedineShiaHope and Loyalty
Boushra Ayoub al-KhalilShiaThe Inclusive State
Sarah Ali SweidanShiaTogether for Change
Roua Bachir FaresShiaTogether for Change

South III (Marjaayoun-Nabatieh-Hasbaya-Bint Jbeil)

No women candidates.N/AN/A

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