Videos Of Women In Their Swimsuits Kissing & Sitting On A Moving Car In Lebanon Is Causing An Uproar

A video emerged on social media of women in their bikinis sitting and kissing on top of a convertible car along the Jal el Dib highway in Lebanon.

Many saw these acts as inappropriate and immoral.

“They think if they uncover their a**** means they are cool and it’s freedom,” said Twitter user Ibrahim Hafi.

However, others showed more concern about the lack of road safety measures.

If law is respected in Lebanon, “they would have been arrested for not sitting in the car properly, for not wearing a seat belt, and for trying to distract traffic, which might expose them to accidents,” tweeted Maaliki Fadi.

Others just expressed that each country has its own rules, and people can act the way they want to as long their freedom doesn’t harm other people.

“It has nothing to do with morals since every society has its customs and lifestyle,” tweeted Nagib Bedran.

“There are communities where people swim in their clothes while in others, they swim naked. Personal freedom remains a priority as long as there is no interference with the freedom of others,” he added.

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