The Word سلام (Peace) In Tripoli Can Be Seen From Space!

Many regions in Lebanon were heavily affected by the Lebanese civil war, and one of them is Tripoli. However, this region has also witnessed conflicts in the last few years.

Tripoli is not the city of war and destruction the way the media portrays it. A region that is full of history and culture, Tripoli is an interesting place that is worth to be visited.

Peace from Tripoli!

ASHEKMAN wanted to show that the people of this city are eagerly waiting for peace and to change the perception that the world has of Tripoli. So, it started a project called “Operation Salam” that took three years to plan and three weeks to accomplish.

The calligraphy team, along with neighbors, kids, and families, painted the word سلام (peace) on 85 rooftops in Tripoli that are located in an ex-war zone.

In fact, the street where the kuffi calligraffiti was painted divides the fighting neighborhoods of Jabal Mohsen and Beb el Tebbeneh. Also, this artwork can only be seen from space!

It’s a message not only to the Lebanese people, but also a message of peace from the people of Tripoli to the world!