Lebanon’s Nationwide Strike Sparks Protests & Roadblocks

Workers & Institutions Across Lebanon Are On Strike
Sputnik/Zahraa Al-Amir

Lebanon is witnessing a nationwide general strike in line with the General Labor Union’s recent invitation.

The strike, which involves various public and private sectors, comes in protest of the worsening social and economic conditions, and to call for the formation of a national rescue government.

The Lebanese workforce has been collectively suffering from devalued wages caused by the collapse of the Lebanese pound against the U.S. dollar.

This is happening while the local market grows short of some essential commodities, including fuel, baby formula, and certain medicines.

Since Thursday morning, various syndicates, institutions, and courtrooms across the governorates have been closed, including branches of the National Social Security Fund, Ogero, LibanPost, and other institutions.

In some regions, such as Hermel, Koura, Baalbek, Marjayoun, and Saida, civil servants, mechanical inspection staff, and municipal employees also participated in the strike.

Other branches of public institutions, such as in Hasbaya, limited work to necessary tasks.

Bank branches also closed in certain areas, while others remained open or partially open (limited service).

Similarly, the employees of some hospitals went on strike, including those of Dr. Abdullah Al-Rasi Governmental Hospital in Halba, who held a protest on its premises.

Several roadblocks were also set up around Beirut and in different cities, including the airport highway where protesters set trash bins on fire.

This strike comes as Lebanon’s main parties continue their dispute over the government formation process, all while the country, now regarded as one of the top 34 fragile states, edges closer toward total collapse.

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