World Bank Pledges $37 Million To Help Teachers In Lebanon

World Bank Will Help Secure 2 Million Vaccines For Lebanon

The World Bank wants to appreciate the efforts of teachers and school personnel by pledging money for the success of the academic year 2021-2022 for in-person learning.

In a statement published on December 23rd, the World Bank agrees to repurpose $37 million originally meant to assist the Lebanon Syrian Trust Fund.

The repurposing aims “to provide financial incentives to public school teachers suffering from the severe economic and financial crisis in Lebanon to ensure they can purchase fuel to travel to work.”

The teacher’s Incentive Program will support public school teachers, technical and vocational education teachers as well as school personnel who attend school at a minimum of 90% of their schedule. The grant is for one academic year only (2021-2022).

The World Back indicated that only eligible teachers will benefit from this fund, and a third party will monitor the teachers’ attendance and delivery of lessons, with the help of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

“The World Bank reiterates its readiness to support the education sector in Lebanon and ensure that teachers and staff at public schools can continue teaching and providing all children with quality education and learning,” the statement concluded.

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