15+ World Cities Lit The Lebanese Flag In Solidarity With Lebanon

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The Beirut Port Explosion has not only devastated the capital and broke the hearts of the Lebanese nation but it has also flabbergasted the world.

Pictures and videos and painful stories continue to circulate the internet and no one is able to ignore such tragedy.

The world in its entirety is feeling with the heartbroken Lebanese people, and many cities are making sure to let us know with major public displays of moral support and solidarity.

Here are the most notable ones so far:

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

The Pyramids, Egypt

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In solidarity with Lebanon

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Petra, Jordan




Broadcasting Corporation Building

Saudi Arabia

Erbil, Iraq

Brussels, Belgium

Eiffel Tower, France

While France did not light the Eiffel Tower with the Lebanese flag, it turned all the lights off, in mourning to the lost souls of the explosion.

Belfast, Ireland



City Hall, Los Angeles

Minsk, Belarus


Christ The Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro

CN Tower, Canada

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Samuel De Champlain Bridge, Montreal

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Lebanese flag colors at Champlain Bridge Montreal

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There have been similar stances of solidarity that felt like a warm balm to the Lebanese deeply wounded hearts. Here is one of them:

A tribute to Beirut explosion’s victims

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