10 things that happen during the World Cup season in Lebanon

The first game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup takes place tomorrow! Crazy things happen during the World Cup season in Lebanon!

The streets are filled with flags

Lebanon looks like the headquarters of the United Nations.

Brazil vs. Germany

Germany fans: “NAHNA RBEHNA 7-1” Brazil fans: “W NAHNA RBEHNA L WORLD CUP 5 MARRAT” You will hear this a lot.  

Heated debates

We get it. You are a huge fan a football but you do not need to shout at the top of your lungs to make a point. Let us enjoy the game.  


The streets are chaotic. Plus, the restaurants, cafes, and pubs are always full so you need to reserve a table if you want to watch the game.  

People think they are football players

“Chefto kif fawwatna goal? Bahdalnekoun!” First of all sweetheart, you were sitting on the couch the entire game and your hand is stuck in a Pringles can.  

The ethnicity of Lebanese people changes


“Aslan ente chou fahamik bel football”

  Sexist people should be cancelled. On a side note, everyone can watch football whether they know the names of the players by heart or not. Stop judging.

Beer, chips, and bzourat

There’s nothing better than watching the game while sipping beer. Oh, and eating fast food everyday is totally acceptable during the World Cup season.  

Animal psychics 

The businesses of Layla Abdel Latif and Michel Hayek slow down. Fans wait for the predictions of animals to find out which team is going to win the next game. This year, we’re trusting Achilles the cat. Look at this precious little face!

Awesome nights out

  The World Cup is an amazing season!

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