Doctors Around The World Are Dancing Their Way Through Fighting Coronavirus

For a few days now, videos have been appearing on the internet of doctors and nurses at hospitals in several countries around the world, dancing during their working hours with patients of the spreading Coronavirus.

Of course, some of these videos were shot in Arab countries, including Lebanon. One of the first videos to circulate online was of a Lebanese doctor dancing the Dabke in his/her protective clothing.

The video is absolutely hilarious. This doctor seems to be a master at a lot of things, medicine as well as traditional folklore. Almost the same went on in Wuhan, China.

Only there, doctors danced alongside their patients. While the Dabke video is funny and refreshing, that of Wuhan is moving and heartwarming. Their dance isn’t only entertaining, it is also kinda therapeutic. 

What people are calling ‘Nurses/Doctors Dance Challenge’ also reached Iran.

Coronavirus cases in Iran are growing fast, which must be making local hospitals hectic and stressful to be at, especially for long periods of time.

Several videos of Iranian doctors having dance-offs in hospitals were released, someone put them all together, and the result is epic.

However, the funniest one yet is the video of these two doctors performing a Swan Lake Dance outside a hospital entrance in China. Those medics really have some talent!

This virus has spread to more than 77 countries. There’s currently a total of 95,181 infected cases most of which were confirmed in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. Cases that ended up in death are 3,254, as the 4th of March.

These numbers are on the rise in some countries, especially in China, Italy, and Iran, in which the virus is causing the most damage.

Fortunately in Lebanon, the situation is better than in most countries. The total of cases is 15, which is concerning but it also means that the virus can still be controlled.

In fact, the first Coronavirus patient in Lebanon tested negative this week.  As for the Lebanese people, they are remaining cautious and Coronavirus-ready.

Amid everything that is happening around the world, a big responsibility falls on the doctors’ and nurses’ shoulders.

They don’t only need to make sure that the patients are well and recovering, but they also need to make sure that they protect themselves, and consequently, their families.

No wonder they are refuging to dance in these tough and stressful times. They deserve a little refreshing ‘dance challenge’ every once in a while. In the end, they are our heroes in protective suits!

We have a dedicated coronavirus section where you can find the latest news/updates about the pandemic in Lebanon, inform yourself with WHO-verified resources, and track the number of cases in Lebanon in real-time. Click here.

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