It’s Officially The 2nd Annual World Mankousheh Day!

Last year marked the official and epic launch of the first-ever World Mankousheh Day – a much-needed invention by Zaatar w Zeit.

This year, Zaatar W Zeit is helping us all celebrate World Mankousheh Day for the second year in a row!

With this year’s theme of sharing our Lebanese tradition and culture with the rest of the world!

Just like last year, Zaatar w Zeit is giving out over 9,000 manakeesh throughout its locations as well as in various universities in Lebanon today. That is more than double the mankoush from last year!

Zaatar W Zeit is going to Sesobel to give out hundreds of mankoushe to the children there. Then they will be going with Foodblessed to give out more at beit il armaneh.

Zaatar W Zeit collaborated with T. Durden to create this mural graffiti in Mar Mitr:

Zaatar W Zeit even partnered up with LiveLoveBeirut to give our LiveLoveMankousheh bracelets as a spin-off to their iconic LiveLoveBeirut bracelets.

For the occasion, LiveLoveBeirut produced this video featuring Francois Kamil – who’s been making mankousheh since 1962:

Zaatar w Zeit even created this petition to get it officially recognized by the government! The petition reads:

“We would like to declare Nov 2 as the official World Mankousheh Day. An ode to the symbol of Lebanese Food Culture and Traditions.”

Be sure to celebrate this day with a mankousheh. If you’re wondering, you’re allowed to break your diet today!

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