World Mankousheh Day Has Officially Become A Thing!


For some odd reason, there has never been a day celebrating the mankousheh. With all its deliciousness, you’d assume the day would have been created already.

Fortunately for the world, World Mankousheh Day has been created and who better to invent it than Zaatar w Zeit! Zaatar w Zeit has become an icon among the Lebanese population for manakeesh.

With their amazing quality, taste, service, and affordability, we’re more than happy to accept this!

November 2nd has officially been declared World Mankousheh Day!

To honor this day, Zaatar w Zeit generously gave out free manakeesh to people near their branches as well as to the customers in the stores.

If that’s not enough, Zaatar w Zeit is donating a mankousheh to Food Blessed for each one they give out. We’re happy to hear that Zaatar w Zeit gave out almost 4000 manakeesh!

Food Blessed is a great organization that helps combat hunger in Lebanon! 

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