World Vision Is Providing 5,000 People In Lebanon With Basic Necessities

A month after the Beirut explosion and there are still too many people with no homes to go to and no food on their table because of the severe aftermath.

World Vision, a Christian relief organization, managed so far to secure 5,000 people in Beirut with basic necessities for them to get by.

World Vision has been present in Lebanon since the Civil War in 1975 and has been aiding in the country ever since.

Hence, the organization is fully aware of the local socio-economic downfall, the coronavirus pandemic, the refugee crisis, the Lebanese crises, and now the Beirut disaster that has robbed its citizens from their shelters and dignity.

Right after the explosion, its team inspected the damages and its effects on the communities it works with and has pledged to help 120,000 families overcome the tragedy.

With that being said, the organization’s aim is to suppress the spread of COVID-19 in Lebanon, providing temporary shelters, food, hygiene, coronavirus protection gear, psychological aid, and more, to the affected Lebanese and refugees.

Many Syrian refugees compared the blast to the war they had to flee, stating that the Beirut blast was even worse. “What happened yesterday was worse than war,” 12-year-old Sirine told World Vision a day after the explosion.

“We started looking around to check if everyone’s fine and we saw an older man passed out and covered with glass… Actually, everyone was on the floor, and glass was everywhere,” she recounted.

To date, World Vision Lebanon has distributed 669 food parcels, 594 hygiene kits, and 112 disinfecting kits, thus helping almost 5,000 people impacted in Beirut.

They currently have a fundraiser for Beirut Relief on their official website where people can either donate to help the organization reach their 120,000 families’ goal or pray for those impacted.

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